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We're reimagining financial education so every person can grow and scale their portfolio with ease.

We're here to serve the next generation of hodlers and traders. Our service is built to empower these people by integrating educational mobile and live services that allow them to move and been updated at the same moment.

Chief Executive Officer - Joele Novelli

Short Bio

I have a degree in commerce and economy, and I followed advanced courses on business management. I have also a background in macroeconomy and geopolitic.

I'm the CEO of another italian company: Cometa. Since 2017, when I was made CEO of the company we have accomplished a 50%+ increase in revenue and a 20% cost reduction, surviving and thriving even in the COVID era. The company is currently valued half a million $.

I started studying the market in 2018 and I have spent thousands of hours doing research and following courses, starting with technical analysis and moving on to market psychology (ex: wyckoff), then moving towards fundamental and onchain analysis. During this period I specialized in the latter, which I use today as a tool to read the market.

My goal is to become even more prosperous helping others to understand and navigate the markets as an educator, not a financial advisor, and as a swing trader, sharing my positions.


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