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Chief Executive Officer - Joele Novelli

Date of Birth : 12th January 1995

Short Bio

I'm the CEO of another italian company: Cometa. Since 2017, when I was made CEO of the company we have accomplished a 50%+ increase in revenue and a 20% cost reduction, surviving and thriving even in the COVID era.

I started studying the market in 2018 and I have spent thousands of hours doing research and following courses, starting with technical analysis and moving on to market psychology (ex: wyckoff), then moving towards fundamental and onchain analysis. During this period I specialized in the latter, which I use today as a tool to read the market.

My goal is to become even more prosperous helping others to understand and navigate the markets as an educator, not a financial advisor, and as a swing trader, sharing my positions.

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Mattia Senni

Developer, Algo-Trader

Passionate about investments, cryptocurrencies and computers, Mattia improves and programs BOTs in order to better analyze the market to extract value.
What Mattia does is called algo-trading. He looks for anomalies, analyzes them and manages them. A new approach to the world of trading, aimed at those familiar with fast-paced market situations.


Jagdish Kumar, Ph.D

Ph.D in Journalism & Mass Communications

Working as web editor, managing PR content for the company focused on cryptocurrencies/blockchain sector.
Writing technical content, content moderation, writing on latest development of crypto & blockchain sector, CMS, generating social media content, video scripts, Github.


Luca Massari

MSc Finance & Fintech

As a crypto/fintech professional, Luca is ready to offer you comprehensive and personalized consultancy services.
Luca can provide you with a detailed understanding of cryptocurrencies and decentralized platforms, onchain analysis and tokenomics, as well as risk management strategies.



From Italy

WAB - We Are Blockchain

We deal with the world of cryptocurrencies and are inspired by Wall Street Bets.


Crypto Entity Crew

We aim to be a complete ecosystem of growth and comparison! Crypto & Forex



BlockWorld.it is an online journal and wants to become the reference point on the Web 3.0 world in Italy.

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