Algo trading strategies, automated bots and related courses and training

Algo-trading is a branch of the investment world, whose purpose is to profit from the market by exploiting the use of algorithms.

There are two types of algorithms that can be implemented:

Autonomous algorithms

That type of algorithm whose purpose is to profit from the market in complete autonomy, like a real person.

Analysis, and execution of our strategy is fully automated.

Semi-Autonomous Algorithms

That type of algorithm in which the analysis or strategy execution processes are partially automated and therefore the presence of a real person in the analysis or strategy execution is required.

These services are aimed at two types of people:

Allows the client to analyze the market or execute very fast trades.

Example: analyzing the top 5 pairs by volume on 15 exchanges is difficult for a human, but for an algorithm to visualize effectively, with a relative UI tailored to the needs, it is easier.

Related Courses and Training

The trainings are personalized on the needs of the client. Contact Chainlog to make sure your request are in line with the notions that are guaranteed to be teached with the best possible experience and indepth knowledge.

The mini courses available are:

More courses can be made available as time goes on and on requests.